Upwind Downwind Lunch N’ Learns

In light of the cancellation of the Upwind Downwind 2020, Our Health and Air Quality: Past, Present and Future conference, Clean Air Hamilton has shifted to hosting virtual Lunch N Learns to provide meaningful information on current air quality and climate change issues.

Please find below the event recordings for Lunch N’ Learns held so far:

  • June 8, 2021: “Air Pollution Sensors in Hamilton and How Can They Help?” by Dr. Matthew Adams, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
    Zoom Event Recording & Presentation
  • March 30, 2021: “Hamilton Airshed Modelling System; Sub-Region Analysis” by Dr. Janya Kelly, Golder Associates Ltd.
    Zoom Event Recording
  • December 1, 2020: Transboundary Air Quality
    • “Air Quality Initiatives” by Zac Adelman, Executive Director, Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium, LADCO, from Chicago, IL
    • “Trucks, Air Quality, and Climate” by Paul Miller, Executive Director, Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management, NESCAUM, from Boston, MA
      Zoom Event Recording