2018 Clean Air Hamilton Funding

Congratulations to the successful candidates of Clean Air Hamilton’s 2018 Funded Programs:


Cycle Hamilton Coalition Inc. for the delivery of Friendly Streets Hamilton

Friendly Streets Hamilton was successfully piloted in 2017 conducting street-level audits in the area within a 1 km radius of the Hamilton General Hospital.  This program involves integrating air quality into the Friendly Streets work where community members will learn about urban air quality challenges and measure particulate matter (PM2.5) during the street audits.  They expect to engage around 200 community stakeholders in this initiative.

Green Venture and Corr Research Inc. for the delivery of Fresh Air for Kids with Anti-Idling

The “Fresh Air For Kids” program began in 2013 and has been a huge success educating hundreds of students across Hamilton on the importance of air quality and the Air Quality Health Index.  Furthermore, the program develops air quality maps and mobile monitoring data to help children choose low risk commuting methods and routes to  school.  Approved funding will will assist Green Venture and Corr Research to execute the Fresh Air for Kids program at three schools across Hamilton.  The program begins with neighbourhood mobile air monitoring surveys using Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) mobile monitoring van.  GIS analysis of the data is then used to create air quality maps for in-class exercises.  It is anticipated that the program will reach 100 direct participants and 340 indirect participants (teachers, parents, siblings etc.)

Green Venture for the delivery of Bus Brains – School Bus Monitoring

This initiative will combine education on air quality and air pollutants along with citizen science opportunities for the students involved.  Students will be trained on how to use portable indoor air quality monitors.  Each class or Eco Team will loan the air monitor up to two weeks where students ride the bus measuring the air quality in the cabin of the bus.  Data collected will be analyzed by Dr. Matthew Adams and his students at the University of Toronto.

For more information, please view the BOH18020 Report May 2018 Approved Programs.