Air Monitoring

Hamilton Air Monitoring

Air monitors collect outdoor air quality data and these data are compared to levels of air pollutants that constitute to provincial and federal air standards. Another use of this data is to identify sources of air pollutants, and evaluate the potential impacts of air emissions on human health.

Hamilton Air Monitoring Network

hamilton air monitoring logoThe Hamilton Air Monitoring Network (HAMN) is an industry funded, local air monitoring network comprising 22 local companies who have committed to assessing air quality in Hamilton on a regular basis and tracking changes in air quality. On-going operating costs and expenses related to the upgrading of air monitoring equipment and instruments are borne by industries within the network. The network provides air quality reports to the MECP on a regular basis and all reports are audited by the MECP to ensure a consistent and high quality level of data. The Ministry also conduct regular audits of the equipment at the HAMN sampling sites.

HAMN is a key element in helping to determine where progress is being made and identifying air quality issues that require additional focus and attention.

To access the real-time air monitoring data of the HAMN network live, please visit:

For further information on the Hamilton Air Monitoring Network (HAMN) please contact the HAMN Administrator at