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EcoHouse Tours

The EcoHouse is an environmental education demonstration building operated by Green Venture. The EcoHouse reveals to the public how it is possible to live in a sustainable manner with the surrounding environment. Visitors are able to learn techniques that they can implement in their own houses and discover where products can be purchased. Educational programs are available, as well as self-guided and guided tours.

totally transit image of busTotally Transit

A partnership between Green Venture and the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) has been established to introduce elementary students to the public transit system. Through hands on participation, students acquire the skills to take the bus safely and confidently. In addition, students learn about the difference public transit can make in regards to climate change, air quality, energy conservation and health. For more information visit Totally Transit.

Ontario EcoSchools

This environmental education program run through area school boards is aimed at students from grade 1 through 12. The program aims at increasing ecological literacy while being engaged in hands-on activities within the school. In addition, EcoSchools works toward improving school building operations to reduce environmental impacts. For more information on helping today’s youth become environmentally responsible citizens please visit Ontario EcoSchools.