In the Community

Hamilton Air Monitoring Network (HAMN) is operated by a consortium of 22 companies in Hamilton. HAMN is responsible for operating, maintaining and upgrading all industrial air monitors in Hamilton. Real-time access to all continuous monitoring data from the network in Hamilton is available to the public at

The Hamilton Industrial Environment Association (HIEA) is a group of local industries that seeks to improve the local environment – air, land and water – through joint and individual activities, and by partnering with the community to enhance future understanding of environmental issues and help establish priorities for action. More information can be found at

Green Venture is a community-based non-profit organization committed to helping residents live more sustainably at home, at work, and in their daily lives. Green Venture provide information and services that help individuals reduce their impact on the environment and improve public health through improved air, water, and soil initiatives. Activities can be categorized as energy conservation, water conservation, waste and toxics reduction, green gardening and alternative transportation. For more information visit Green Venture.

Environment Hamilton is a not-for-profit organization to help Hamiltonians to develop the knowledge and skills they need to protect and enhance the environment around them. Environment Hamilton works on dozens of projects and activities to build a sustainable future for Hamilton. For more information visit Environment Hamilton.

People and Planet is a unique gateway to environment, sustainability and conservation, across Canada and beyond. You can find Canada’s largest green events calendar; Canada’s most popular and effective green job listings; plus a growing number of green volunteer listings. In addition to this, our sites include thematic green gateways on themes ranging from climate change, to local/organic food and agriculture, sustainable living, green business, renewable energy, etc. For more information check out People and Planet.