Industrial Waste Heat Recovery Webinar: Jan 27th 9AM

HCE Public Education Series | Session 2: Innovations in Waste Heat Recovery | January 27, 9-11 am | Online

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  • The growing value of industrial waste heat in combating climate change and providing energy security
  • Examples of industrial waste heat as a low carbon fuel source for community-scale district energy systems
  • Proven practices in how to build, operate and maintain such systems ~ including effective business models


SPECIAL FEATURE: The session will include an update on a proposed study to determine the viability of industrial waste heat networks in Hamilton.

Guest presenters from Heat Academy International, McMaster University, Rathco ENG, and Hamilton Community Enterprises.


Thursday January 27, 9-11 am

FREE Online

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This educational series is an initiative of Hamilton Community Enterprises presented in collaboration with the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, Heat Academy International, and Grow the Good.

A special thanks to the City of Hamilton for providing valuable promotional support.