Dust Handbooks 2021

Increasing airborne Particulate Matter emissions in the City of Hamilton are a concern both for Public Health and for the community at large. The Dust and Particulate Matter Working Group, a sub-committee of Clean Air Hamilton, has undertaken a number of initiatives over the last few years to attempt to address these issues. The latest, a pair of handbooks on managing dust and particulate matter emissions for construction and demolition projects, has been completed!

The first handbook is directed towards contractors and is a comprehensive document describing many technical mitigation measures commonly applied on construction and demolition sites. You can view it here:

The second is a smaller document meant for homeowners engaged in DIY construction or demolition projects, and contains user-friendly directions on how to control emissions for the health of the homeowners and their neighbours. View it here:

These documents are available for the public to access free of cost, and will continue to be housed on the Clean Air Hamilton website here.

Any questions/concerns about the dust handbooks can be directed to the Air Quality & Climate Change Coordinator (cleanair@hamilton.ca).